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Looking for a job opportunity in the field of Agriculture? 

The Commonwealth Caribbean Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme also known as the Farm Programme is recruiting suitable persons to work on farms in Canada.This is an Agricutural based programme that provides seasonal employment for residents of Trinidad and Tobagoand not only involves apple picking but also reaping, packaging processing and storing of vegetable/fruit crops and flowers as well as rearing of pigs.

It is to be noted that interested persons must have experience or training in Agriculture.

Application details are enclosed in the Advertisement attached.

For more information contact the Farm Programme Unit at 299-0300 ext 2029 or 2030.

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National Consultation on Workplace Policy on 


 You are invited to share your thoughts on HIV/AIDS as a workplace issue at the Revision of the National Workplace Policy on HIV/AIDS.

Come Listen....Share.....Speak we move toward a discrimination free workplace!

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The National Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS


The National Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS contributes to ongoing national efforts to decrease the spread of HIV and AIDS and to mitigate its impact.
It does so by setting standards for managing HIV in the workplace, and promoting structures and programmes to reduce discrimination.

The HIV/AIDS Workplace Advocacy Sustainability Centre (HASC) of the Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprise Development collaborates with employers, workers and representatives of private and public sectors as well as the informal economy to develop and implement policies and programmes to address HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

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 The National Integrated Business Incubator System (IBIS), a small business programme established by the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development and implemented by the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited launched the latest in its Incubator network in the Diego Martin community on Wednesday July 15, 2015.

 The opening of this site brings to five (5),the total number of business Incubators operating under the IBIS programme, with additional incubators located at Point Fortin, Penal, El Socorro and Sangre Grande.

 Also taking place at this launch was a graduation ceremony for fourteen (14) students of the IBIS Programme some of whom were already assigned spaces at the newly - opened facility.

 Speaking at the launch the Honourable Errol McLeod Minister of Labour and Small Enterprise Development urged students to "chart their success" using the tools acquired from their training in areas such as time and stress management and operational costing strategies.

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Launch of the Domestic Workers Register Campaign

The Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development joins with the International Labour Organization (ILO) in commemorating the 4th anniversary of the adoption of the Domestic Workers Convention (No. 189).

 In June 2015, the Ministry launched its Domestic Workers Register campaign designed to increase awareness about the rights of domestic workers, the responsibilities of their employers and to encourage them to sign up with the Register.

The Register was established to assist the Ministry in gathering demographic information about both domestic employees and their employers;to provide protection for domestic workers and to encourage employers to comply with the labour laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

 Domestic workers play a vital role in many households.  They clean, cook,iron our clothes, look after our gardens or care for our children, even our elderly parents.

Creating a decent work environment for domestic workers means that each of us has to play our part.


We can start taking one step at a time:

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Increase of the National Minimum Wage of Trinidad and Tobago

On January 1, 2015, the National Minimum Wage of Trinidad and Tobago was increased from $12.50 per hour to $15.00 per hour.

This means no worker should be paid less than $15.00 per hour.

In June 2015, the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development launched a nationwide sensitization campaign to raise awareness amongst workers and employers on the increase in the national minimum wage and the related benefits and entitlements.

To view the advertisements of this campaign log on to our Facebook page at or visit our YouTube channel at

The National Enterprise Investment Fund (EIF)

The Enterprise Investment Fund is a programme of the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development (MOLSD) that provides funding to well structured, innovative business support programmes targeting the Small Enterprise and Co-operatives (SEC) Sectors. 

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The Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprise Development, through the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO) and the National Integrated Business Incubator System (IBIS) are focused on expanding the network of business incubation and entrepreneurial development support services for micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Trinidad and Tobago.


On Thursday May 14, 2015, the Ministry, NEDCO and the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide funding for the establishment of a Business Hatchery as part of CARIRI’s Centre for Enterprise Development (CED)’s Business Incubator operations.

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The appointment of the new Registration Recognition and Certification Board (RRCB) – a demonstration of the Government’s commitment to the promotion of the integrity and credibility of the industrial relations system in T&T. The Chairman and Members of the Registration Recognition and Certification Board (RRCB) were appointed and took their Oaths of Office on Wednesday 25th February, 2015 at the President’s House.



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As the Government continues in its efforts to encourage and support micro and small enterprise (MSE) development and foster a culture of innovation in Trinidad and Tobago, the Honourable Errol McLeod appoints a ten member board to oversee the operations of the Enterprise Investment Fund (EIF).

In his address at the official ceremony of appointment, held on 30th January, 2015, at the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development’s Head Office, Minister McLeod reiterated that the EIF will be an important agent in the development of the MSE sector.

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Young minds becoming business wise

Junior Co-operatives formed within 12 Secondary Schools

Learning how to start a business is an essential process for anyone with plans of becoming an entrepreneur. Venturing into business activity takes not only time and money but requires an understanding of the role of business in society, employing the right business skills and knowledge in order to take risks. Whilst many business owners acquire such knowledge in their adult lives, business operation can be taught to young persons who have dreams of one day becoming artistes, photographers, graphic designers, shopkeepers or any profession that will grant them their economic independence.

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The Honourable Errol McLeod, Minister of Labour and Small Enterprise Development would like to announce that the Minimum Wages Order, 2014 has come into effect on January 1, 2015.

The Minimum Wages Act, Chap. 88:04 Order Made by the Minister under section 3 of the Minimum Wages Act and subject to negative resolution of Parliament

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Trinidad and Tobago hosts Annual Review of the Commonwealth/Caribbean Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Programme

Commonwealth/Caribbean Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Programme (CCSAWP) also known as Farm Programme was conceived as a remedial initiative to provide reliable labour during the short-term peak season in the agricultural industry in Canada. The main feature of the CCSAWP is the organised movement of foreign workers to meet the temporary seasonal needs of Canadian Agricultural Producers during peak harvesting and planting periods when there are traditionally shortages of Canadian workers. 
The Annual Review Meeting which was held at the Trinidad Hilton from December 1-3, 2014, was held for the purpose of examining the Programme’s progress, addressing challenges and determining the way forward. This year's meeting was attended by representatives of the participating Caribbean countries as well as officials from (HRSDC) Human Resource and Skills Development Canada, (CIC) Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Staff of the High Commission for Canada in the hosting state, (F.A.R.M.S) Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Services, (farmers organization in Canada), Canag, the official travel agency of FARMS, the Canadian Horticultural Council, theOntario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, and farmers organizations from the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

Workshop on Migration, Forced Labour and Human Trafficking Response


The MOLSED in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Organization for Migration hosted the Workshop on Migration, Forced Labour and Human Trafficking Response on 24-25 November, 2014 at the La Boucan Room, Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre

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National MSE Development Policy

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The Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Bill 2013

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FairShare Programme

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National Integrated Business Incubator System (IBIS)

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International Year of


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Office of the Prime Minister
The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


Interim HIV Agency
Ministry of Health


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Enabling Competitive Business Strategy (ECBS) 2011-2014

Implemented with the Support of the European Union

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